DB: My Girlfriend
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My Girlfriend

by Richard Brautigan

It was a fast hike down to the Hall of Justice. I'd gotten used to walking in San Francisco and could move around at a good clip.

I started 1941 off with a car and now a year later, here I was totally relying on my feet. Life has its ups and downs. The only place my life could go now was up. The only thing lower than me was a dead man.

It was a cold windy day in San Francisco but I enjoyed the walk down Nob Hill to the Hall of Justice.

I started to think about Babylon as I neared Chinatown but was able to change the marquee in my mind just in time. I saw some Chinese kids playing in the street. I tried to figure out what kind of game they were playing. By concentrating on the kids, I was able to avoid Babylon rolling toward me like a freight train.

Whenever I was trying to get something done and Babylon started coming upon me I'd try to focus on anything that could keep it away. It was always very hard because I really like to dream of Babylon and I have a beautiful girlfriend there. This is a hard thing to admit but I like her better than real girls. I've always wanted to meet a girl that interested me as much as my friend in Babylon.

I don't know.

Maybe someday.

Maybe never.

Richard Brautigan
Dreaming of Babylon: A Private Eye Novel 1942