Information about Brautigan's 'The Abortion: An Historical Romance, 1966'
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Note: The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966 is available in a 3-books-in-1 volume together with Revenge of the Lawn and So the Wind Won't Blow it All Away.

The Presidio Branch Library(external link) was used as a model for Brautigan's fictional library and appears on the cover of The Abortion. Brautigan even used the library's real address (3150 Sacramento Street) in the book.

The San Francisco Public Libraries have a page on the Presidio Branch Library History(external link) which includes a reference to Richard Brautigan and an interior view of the library showing the "high arched windows ... above the bookshelves". Here's an interior view of the Presidio Branch in 1970, the same year as Richard Brautigan's The Abortion was published:


Online Samples

"The Library"(external link) (Internet Archive Link - this Norwegian site is no longer up)

The entire book can be downloaded in Word format here(external link) (NOTE: although the site is also called The Brautigan Archives. it holds no relation with this site)


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Random Quotes

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See John Barber's Brautigan Bibliography plus+(external link) for more information on The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966.


Wish List

To the best of my knowledge, the following articles also discuss Sombrero Fallout, but I do not have a copy. If you have a copy and would be willing to share it with the Brautigan community, please contact me at birgit at cybernetic-meadows.net.

Anon. "Notes on The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966." Observer 4 Feb. 1973: 36.

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Mount, Douglas. "A Counterculture Love Story: A Review of The Abortion." Life 26 (March 1971): 9. (I have had this issue in my hands and the article is not there - any idea which issue it might be in?

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