Information about Brautigan's 'The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western'
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The dedication reads: This novel is for the Montana Gang.


Online Samples

Welcome to the Dead Hills

Richard Brautigan: Das Hawkline Monster : ein seltsamer Western mit 2 Killern, 2 schönen Frauen und 1 Monster(external link)


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Random Quotes

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Criticism in other Languages


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See John Barber's Brautigan Bibliography plus+(external link) for more information on The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western.


Wish List

To the best of my knowledge the following articles also discuss A Confederate General from Big Sur, but I do not have a copy. If you have a copy and would be willing to share it with the Brautigan community, please contact me at birgit at cybernetic-meadows.net.

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