Information about Brautigan's 'Sombrero Fallout'
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Note: Sombrero Fallout is currently out-of-print in the US, but you can order the Rebel Inc. edition, which includes an introduction by Kevin Williamson.
br/> The dedication reads: This novel is for Junichiro Tanizaki? who wrote The Key and Diary of a Mad Old Man


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Random Quotes

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See John Barber's Brautigan Bibliography plus+(external link) for more information on Sombrero Fallout: A Japanese Novel


Wish List

To the best of my knowledge, the following articles also discuss Sombrero Fallout, but I do not have a copy. If you have a copy and would be willing to share it with the Brautigan community, please contact me at birgit at cybernetic-meadows.net.

Hume, Kathryn. "Anarchic Cities: Brautigan, Delany and the Cyberworld Writers," in American Dream, American Nightmare: Fiction since 1960 University of Illinois Press, 2002: 210-213.

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