Richard R. Lingeman's review of 'Sombrero Fallout'
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Getting a Fix on Fall Books | Sombrero Fallout

by Richard R. Lingeman?

We can definitely report that the title of Richard Brautigan's new novel is Sombrero Fallout. Groovy. Otherwise, a season that numbers among its authors Solzhenitsyn, Bellow, Mailer, Arnold Toynbee, Erich Fromm, Norman Vincent Peale and Liberace can't be all bad, can it?

The New York Times Book Review
August 29, 1976: Sec. 7: 6-7

Paperbacks: New and Noteworthy | Sombrero Fallout

by Ray Walters?

A writer who won considerable following in the 60's essays a "Japanese novel" - on one level the tale of a writer moping because his mistress has left him, on another, a fantasy told through scraps in his waste basket. Clever in spots, but - our reviewer wondered - is the clan still there?

The New York Times Book Review
January 15, 1978: 27

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