Jeremy Brooks' review of Sombrero Fallout
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Eight of the Best | Sombrero Fallout

by Jeremy Brooks?

Richard Brautigan's latest surreal fantasy Sombrero Fallout scarcely qualifies as a novella, let alone as a novel. It has so much white paper unsullied by print among its pages that complex mathematical calculations were required to arrive at its true cost - an outrageous 11.6 per 1,000 words. In this book Mr Brautigan flirts more dangerously than ever with that seductive siren, wry sentiment, a tone which assorts oddly with his sombre message about the mindless violence that lies dormant in any crowd, ready to be released by any such common event as a black sombrero falling from a clear sky. An expensive curate's egg for some, but a satisfying meal-in-itself, no doubt, for addicts.

The Sunday Times
April 3, 1977: 40

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