Alan Brein's review of 'Dreaming of Babylon'
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The Voice of Vile Bodies | Dreaming of Babylon

by Alan Brein?

Richard Brautigan's Dreaming of Babylon is a short comedy-thriller, made even shorter by being divided into some 80 three-page chapters, thus leaving plenty of white space throughout. It is also thin - an attenuated tale of wartime San Francisco, where a luckless medically unfit private eye commissioned to steal a corpse from the morgue is continually hindered by his day-dreaming fantasies of life in old Babylon with a swinging Nebuchadnezzar and a lovely handmaiden Nana-dirat. Mildly funny, hardly ever thrilling, it is quite endearing in its eccentric, self-indulgent fashion but something of a let-down from the author of Trout Fishing in America.

The Sunday Times
April 16, 1978: 41

Note: The above is an excerpt from a longer article which includes reviews of Success by Martin Amis, Hunt by A. Alvarez, and Dreaming of Babylon by Richard Brautigan.

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